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RightsWATCH is a state-of-the-art data-centric information security solution that ensures that sensitive/confidential information can only be used by those that have express authority to do so. Even if sensitive data is leaked, it is rendered useless to unauthorised parties that may acquire it.

RightsWATCH enforces a multi-level security model of data classification, providing access to data based on its level of sensitivity - matched to user credentials on a "need to know" basis, in order to protect data privacy and achieve regulatory compliance.

Leveraging data classification, information rights management and data loss prevention in a single solution, RightsWATCH keeps sensitive data safe and secure regardless of whether it is at rest, in motion, or in use – even if it's totally outside your network perimeter.

More information on RightsWATCH is available here.

Key Features
  • Integrates Data Classification, Information Rights management and Data Loss Prevention into one single software package
  • Fingerprints and watermarks files as per the security classification of protected content, hence decreasing corporate liability in case of an information security breach
  • Allows for richer, more complete Audit Trail, enabling organizations to be compliant with regulations and forensic requirements
  • Integrates seamlessly into the user workflow, delivering a transparent and intuitive user experience on multiple platforms and file types
  • Keeps sensitive information safe in a BYOD world, by extending Information Protection & Control to Smartphones and Tablets
  • Allows for a smooth deployment & roll-out

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