Social Responsibility

CRITICAL Software’s commitment to social responsibility helps our business effectiveness and highlights our commitment to global citizenship, by investing in our people, in the communities in which our people live and work, and in our planet.

Contributing to Our Community

CRITICAL Software's efforts positively affect the lives of the people in the communities in which it works. Our workers are encouraged to address social issues and support strategic programmes and partnerships that help make communities better, stronger and more vibrant places to live, work and do business. This attitude is an essential part of our culture and one we want to build on and consolidate.

Environmental Responsibility

CRITICAL Software’s people want to work in environmentally-sustainable ways in all our business activities. To help support the environment, we provide various options for the disposal of waste materials in all of our offices, with specific systems for recycling paper, plastic, glass, batteries and food.

In 2012, in partnership with Sauter AG, we developed a new generation of building management systems. This web platform is now running in our headquarters, to manage the building and control energy consumption, helping us to become more efficient, more environmentally-friendly and to improve employees’ comfort.

Team Building and Team Work

CRITICAL Software's focus on people underlies everything we do. The talent, inspiration, energy and passion of our people is what drives us forward. We strongly believe that one of the many secrets to success lies in creating a working environment that generates a sense of belonging and improves the way people interact with one another.

Find out more about our EHS Policy

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