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Márcia Guerra, Junior Software Engineer

"When I came to the interview I was so nervous.... I couldn’t believe it when they started asking me about trains, I didn’t know anything about them! Only later did I realise that my internship would be in this area. The conversation then passed on to the projects that I had worked on at university, and I started to feel more comfortable and, thankfully, all went well.

This is my first job and I can’t imagine a better company to start my internship with. Firstly, I’m developing software for a satellite and I love it. It’s a very positive thing, the opportunity to work on real projects and to feel that we are contributing to something great. Besides that, we’re not only applying what we learned at university but we’re also learning new things every day.

In my team and outside of it, everyone is fantastic in how they interact with new people that enter the company and they are very generous in sharing their thoughts. We don’t have any doubts: if one person doesn’t know something, someone is always available to help. I still can’t repay this helpfulness in the same way, but I share my ideas and it’s a very good feeling when they are appreciated and when everyone tries to implement them. We also have training sessions that help us too.

This support from our colleagues at CRITICAL extends beyond the world of work. It may not seem important but it is. I moved from Trás-os-Montes to Coimbra, and I didn’t know anyone and, during the first few days, I felt alone and lost. However, CRITICAL's great people helped me fit in. During the weekends there was always someone calling me, showing me the city and the suburbs. All of this makes it impossible to imagine a better place to start my career; it has been fantastic in such a short space of time!"

Benjamim Cardoso, Platoon Manager

"Everyone speaks about CRITICAL Software’s culture, therefore I won’t be using that term. I’m going to speak of what distinguishes this company and it has nothing to do with the type of challenging projects on offer. Instead, I want to talk about the genuine concern for people’s wellbeing.

Here you have the freedom to manage your team in a very humane way (for example, you can work from home); the freedom to develop your career in the areas you feel strongest (you can change your career, experiment with new things or, if you think you’ll feel better in another project, you can often move from one to another).

There is also a genuine interest in promoting healthy lifestyles and in bringing the family together for. This is based on the principle that those who feel good are more motivated and can produce better work. But what is most important and yet the hardest thing to explain is that this is not done in a plastic, artificial way. It’s not just internal marketing, it´s the real thing, that feeling that you have every day and probably the only way that you can completely understand it is when you’re here. I guess it’s a matter of culture. Maybe, I really do have to speak about culture after all."

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