Our Plan

Engineering Change will initially focus on three main initiatives: TechUP, Project Red and Talking Tech. These initiatives will allow us to focus our efforts so that we can contribute to making a difference in the best possible way.

TechUP is how we’ll help people to increase their tech skills. It’s easier to use something if you understand it, so we’ll be offering training to help people improve their basic computer skills. Technology can be a powerful, useful tool for everyone and we want to make it more accessible and enjoyable.

We’ll be reaching out and inviting people of all ages to learn about computer skills, coding and more. Our teams will be visiting communities around us, offering training in local spaces, as well as hosting learning groups at our offices.

Project Red is all about supporting change in communities through technology. This year, with our focus on Engineering Change through tech, we’ll look to actually use technology in ways that help the communities around us while also supporting charities in their efforts to make technology a force for good.

To help these worthy causes achieve their mission of creating positive change, we’ll be working hard to raise funds, but also donating our time and resources in various ways. This includes supplying computer equipment, building software programmes or taking part in events organised by these charities.

Talking Tech is how we’ll share our expertise to inspire a new generation of engineers. We’ll be visiting universities and other places of learning to present talks on a variety of specialist subjects. These include working with artificial intelligence, playing with Docker and exploring complex software architecture, to name a few.

We hope that by sharing our love of technology, we’ll inspire young people to embark on an exciting career in a STEM subject. This is one of the ways we'll support the growth of the future workforce the world is going to need.

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