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We bring a fresh approach to better ecommerce experiences.
Commerce has gone digital. Nowadays, almost anything can be bought with the click of a button or the touch of a screen. 9 out of 10 ecommerce businesses depend on their customer experiences to stand out from the crowd, boost sales and create loyal brand advocates. Despite these ecommerce experiences being key to many businesses, as many as 70% of digital projects fail, primarily for want of a clear and coherent strategy and technical expertise. 

At Critical Software, we develop next-generation software platforms that enhance customer journeys and take the complexity out of ecommerce. We combine world-class user experience design (UxD) with cutting-edge data structuring and analytics to dramatically improve online sales performance. 

The right platform with the right data: our technology and expertise open up new customer segmentation, recommendations and 1:1 personalisation opportunities, streamlining customer journeys from the first interaction to checkout. The goal: to help businesses attract, convert and retain customers. 

We believe in bespoke, headless ecommerce platforms that enable the frictionless development and integration of front and backend systems. And cloud-based technologies that provide the stability, speed and scalability to adapt and grow as businesses do. 

Our frontends are designed to lead from the front and to avoid re-platforming. So we place real people at the heart of our user experience and platform design processes, from pain point analysis to the use of AI to really understand customer wants and needs. Working in critical industries means that our solutions meet and exceed the highest international regulatory standards too.

Our innovation teams also work on rare breed technologies at the forefront of ecommerce, pioneering chatbots, virtual assistants, progressive web apps, semantic search, image recognition, self-service and recommendation technologies, and much more – empowering businesses to serve their customers well across all digital channels. 
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