Ecommerce Enablement

We bring a fresh approach to better ecommerce experiences.
Digital is at the heart of customers’ everyday lives. Yet many companies are failing to adapt to this. Despite increasingly attractive frontend apps and websites, many have failed to digitise their behind-the-scenes ecommerce systems, impacting sales, order fulfilment, buying journeys and the overall customer experience. 

These backend systems are the engine room that drive digital commerce strategies. Getting them wrong leads to archaic, slow and costly processes becoming entrenched over time. 54% of companies now say that organisational restructuring is the biggest digital transformation challenge they face. To tackle this, core digital commerce systems need to be simple to use and deploy, to increase sales revenues, cut inefficiencies and more dynamically serve customers. 

Critical builds smart, agile and powerful backend systems and integrates them with businesses’ frontend ecommerce touchpoints. We create 360-degree ecommerce ecosystems through:
  • Digitisation – streamlining internal ecommerce processes to save money and time. 
  • Lean process redesign – doing more with less by developing technology that facilitates a continuous improvement culture.
  • Intelligent process automation – using data-aggregating processes to minimise manual effort.
  • Advanced analytics – processing data in intelligent ways to deliver dynamic insights and to optimise customer journeys, sales and order fulfilment. 
Our data analytics capabilities provide comprehensive and informative dashboards showing real-time data on historic and current ecommerce performance. This uncovers insights and gives decision-makers the power to adapt and respond to their customers. Ecommerce professionals can then optimise their content, how they acquire and retain customers, and how they sell, price and deliver products. 

More than this, the power of AI and machine-learning technologies means each customer’s unique needs can be identified and proactively catered for through frictionless, dynamic profiling technologies. These do away with traditional customer personas in favour of micro-segmentation and real-time experiences. The result? Ecommerce offers that are well-targeted and backend systems and processes that are well-adapted and organised in real-time. 

Intelligent automation tools also remove error-prone and time-consuming manual tasks, giving professionals more time to focus on decision-making informed by the rapid analysis of live data from a range of sources. Self-service data retrieval can also be used to seamlessly complement business and ecommerce strategies too, assisted by tools like virtual assistants. 

Our backend ecommerce enablement technologies can be connected to our own frontend solutions or almost any other platform and our experience in developing progressive web apps means legacy technologies and processes can be integrated flexibly too.
Ecommerce Enablement

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