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CRITICAL Software Completes Safety Assessment of Shanghai’s Automated People Mover

July 12, 2018

Shanghai Line 8’s Phase III Automated People Mover (APM) has recently entered into passenger service following independent safety assessments by CRITICAL Software and Digital Rail Ltd.

Partnering with Bombardier Transportation and Digital Rail Ltd, CRITICAL Software conducted the independent safety assessment of the vehicles, their interfaces and the track systems. These vehicles provide safe transportation in airports and dense urban areas. They are fully automated and currently in operation in at least 25 locations across the globe. The challenge of safely transporting millions of passengers each year requires appropriate assurance and certification of the vehicle systems’ dependability.

“Our work contributed to the achievement of high safety levels in line with international standards, which allowed the fully-automatic driverless system to safely enter passenger service in Shanghai”, said Nuno Silva, ISA Technical Manager at CRITICAL Software.

CRITICAL’s assessment covered project plans, specifications, design, tests, documentation and systems. It also included installation, commissioning and operational aspects of the vehicles, and the related infrastructure and interfaces that communicate with other systems.

Patrick Albertsson, Director of Engineering, Quality & Systems Assurance at Bombardier Transportation, commented: "As we go through projects and the challenges they pose, we realise that, step by step, what we do helps improve the world a little bit more each time and, overall, makes it a better place to live.”

You can learn more about CRITICAL Software’s role in the assessment of the Shanghai Automated People Mover here.

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