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​CRITICAL Software Welcomes New Business Development Manager for Space

September 28, 2017

We’re delighted to introduce our new Business Development Manager for the space sector, Ricardo Armas. Ricardo has been with CRITICAL Software since 2005 as a Project Engineer, working on projects related to earth observation and geographical information systems. Later, he moved into Project Management, becoming responsible for projects in the space and aerospace domains.

Now in 2017, Ricardo has transitioned into a business development role within the space domain. In this short interview, Ricardo shares his aspirations for CRITICAL Software and his key targets for the near future.

What area of the space industry most interests you and why?

The areas that interest me the most are the ones related to the deep-space missions.

Mankind, with its intrinsic curiosity and explorative nature, has always been moved to explore, seeking out new life and civilizations and the origins of them. This thirst for knowledge and desire to continuously break boundaries, (whether it’s because of simple curiosity or a need to find alternative solutions), is the area that fascinates me the most.

The idea of exploring distant regions of outer space is something I’ve grown up with; I’m often reminded of classic moments in the TV series I watched when I was young, ‘Il était une fois... l'Espace’.

As deep-space projects are not available to work on all the time, it’s important to focus on more regular, day-to-day activities such as the ones related to the missions that collect data on Earth and its surroundings; process the data collected by different instruments; or make sure that the tools that are used to assure the proper functioning and control of these systems are bullet proof.

What were you doing before you joined CRITICAL Software?

Before CRITICAL, I was a Research Fellow in public institutions and universities, working on the development of innovative location-based services and earth observation systems.

I also spent time developing an automatic system, for the Portuguese Geographic Institute in Lisbon, that identified the risk of forest fires and detected forest changes with information derived from satellite data. Since these projects were being developed in partnership with CRITICAL Software, I was introduced to the company and began working with them directly.

What are the key functions of your role?

The key functions of my role now are mainly related to maintaining and growing the excellent relationships we have with our partners and customers.

This not only allows us to offer what we specialise in (and what we are known for), but also to expand our business in areas such as ground and user segments as well as new markets and customers.

What are you most interested in achieving at CRITICAL Software?

As a Business Development Manager for space, I would like to achieve sustainable growth of business volume. This sector, with its lengthy cycles, demands a lot of preparation and perseverance!

Furthermore, I intend to balance our actions by diversifying our markets and customers, while continuing to develop our long-standing business activities and partnerships. I look forward to achieving this with an integrated approach, blending the talents of both our business development and delivery teams.

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