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Testing Mobile Tech in the Cloud

March 06, 2017

CRITICAL Software is proud to announce that the first version of our mobile test lab, MoTeL, is live.

This new platform streamlines mobile software testing by allowing seamless distributed testing of applications in parallel, on several platforms, device models and contexts at once.

Users are able to access the platform via the cloud which enables quick access to secure, automatic testing data while avoiding unnecessary risks, as well as set-up and maintenance costs.

As well as easy-to-use human interfaces, the system supports machine-to-machine integration, allowing customers to connect the MoTeL platform to their delivery pipelines, which supports their own continuous delivery models.

To ensure the platform remains future proof, CRITICAL Software will release new versions as software, technologies and the mobile sector evolve.

To find out how this powerful platform could support your testing requirements, please contact us.

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