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CRITICAL Software Welcomes New Age of Connectivity for Coimbra

November 01, 2017

CRITICAL Software has launched ‘The Things Network Coimbra’, a free, open-source network that brings Coimbra a step closer to ‘open smart city’ status. The first section of the network went live in September and represents a new era of inter-connectivity for Coimbra’s businesses and its people.

Via devices positioned on buildings around the city, businesses and individuals can join the network via an internet connection. Information shared with the system is then made available for use.

The network reaches over a longer distance than WiFi (up to 10km) and doesn’t require a mobile data subscription to run. It also operates at a low rate of energy consumption; thanks to clever LoraWAN™ technology, the devices are unique in that they can last several years on a single charge.

The development sees Coimbra join a growing number of connected cities and regions around the world that are already benefitting from high value, low-cost data connectivity.

The project, funded by CRITICAL Software and implemented by FIKALAB – the company’s in-house research and development programme – began with the installation of a number of devices around the city, including one at CRITICAL’s headquarters in Coimbra.

Based on Internet of Things technologies, the network will continue to grow as new partners connect. Two universities have installed devices and several more collaborators are joining in the next few months. It’s expected that the network will expand to cover the whole of the city centre by early 2018.

Project leader, António Alves, explains why The Things Network Coimbra represents such an important step forward: “We are pleased to have facilitated the launch of this powerful new network, which will be owned and managed by the people of Coimbra. For a city to become ‘smart’ and operate in a sustainable way, initiatives like this must involve the people who live and work locally. This network represents a new competitive advantage for Coimbra and we’re excited to see the range of benefits it will bring to residents.”

To find out more about this interesting project, visit the dedicated website.

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