Work Orders Made Easy

Service-provider companies and the communications industry play an increasingly important role in the world economy, with today’s global marketplace more competitive than ever before. Excellent customer service and the availability of all network and service components are critical factors for these companies to achieve success.

WOW is a powerful Work Order and Issues/Incident Management System that helps companies both manage their ‘trouble-tickets’ and streamline their entire work order flow, from the first request to completion. WOW provides complete control over the distributed workflow process and the total cost of operations, orchestrating the available workforce wherever and however they work.

Did you know? WOW is the trusted solution for some of the world’s leading telecommunications companies, including Vodafone.


Customer-driven! WOW creates an effective helpdesk or operations centre with predefined SLAs between groups, increasing customer focus and creating an organisational culture driven by customer needs, efficiency and effectiveness.

Easy integration! WOW is an enterprise-standard system integrating heterogeneous work orders and live data sources whilst minimising configuration requirements, successfully managing information availability at all organisational levels.

Flexibility and scalability! Supports up to 15,000 active users, with team leaders being able to define their own groups, reports and notification methods. Processes, including action form fields fed by live data sources, can also be tailored by administrators without the intervention of development teams.

Information fast! Get the information you need, when you need it. From pre-configured lists of active work orders to real-time reports, statistics and track changes, everything is displayed in a clean and powerful multichannel user interface.

Information on the go! Mobile teams can access up-to-date information at any place and at any time, with WOWmobile. This reduces incident response times and back office work, keeping teams informed and allowing them to make better, on-the-go decisions. Ultimately, this improves company efficiency and reduces interventions and costs.

Keys Features
  • A powerful, modular and easy-to-use platform to manage work orders, from the first request to project closure, and covering a wide range of requests
  • Tracks work order history, changes, attachments and live ‘states’
  • Manages the relationships between various requests
  • Reduces time-to-market by allowing administrators to flexibly customise their processes on-the-fly without the need for technical development teams
  • Enables users to search and filter requests
  • Exports work order details into different file formats
  • Allows the creation of action form fields with the inbuilt integration of live data sources (web services, messaging, database views and Java API)
  • Supports enterprise modular authentication (LDAP & Database)
  • Allows for configurable notifications for each user