The digitisation of business processes requires organisations to rethink how they integrate new technologies, evolve their customer experiences and adapt to the pace of regulatory changes. These challenges are forcing organisations to significantly transform how they do business. In dynamic environments, the ability to quickly adapt business processes is essential in order to respond to rapidly changing and competitive markets.

Business Process Management (BPM) adoption transforms businesses by leveraging their existing IT systems and developing a ‘process thinking’ approach, helping to promote innovation and to drive change.

CRITICAL Software helps clients achieve agile business processes, enhancing efficiency and productivity, reducing costs, minimising errors and risk, and enabling businesses to build processes that are repeatable, reliable and predictable - with full visibility of performance metrics.

We have successfully supported many business transformations over a number of years, moving clients away from models based on ‘discrete transactions’ and error-prone manual tasks to fully-managed and digitised business processes.

We have extensive experience in complex systems integration, across a range of industries that include financial services, telecoms, healthcare and energy, as well as experience of critical systems in the defence, maritime, aerospace and transport sectors. Our experts are supported by our proven project management capabilities which means we are able to fully support business transformation in the most demanding client environments, ensuring process agility and organisational efficiency.

We are proud that our BPM work was recently selected by IBM as one of its top three projects for ‘Outstanding Business Agility in Motion’.

BPM for Energy

A digital revolution in the energy industry is gradually moving it towards a future where business models will be fully digitised.

BPM (Business Process Management) technologies can provide an important advantage for energy companies looking to benefit from this digital transformation, leveraging their existing applications and operational assets, and mobile technology support.

BPM solutions are able to provide the visual tools needed to quickly model automated cross-enterprise processes in a single, unified platform, identifying, analysing and improving existing business processes. BPM solutions are also able to improve an organisation’s ability to comply with regulatory standards, minimising the impact of human errors on critical processes, facilitating better collaboration and supporting the reduction of operational costs. When applied to maintenance processes and when combined with real-time monitoring and predictive analytics, BPM solutions are able to leverage data collected from equipment and processes to explore physical assets in a more efficient way, maximising the value of these assets across their lifecycles.

CRITICAL Software can help energy and utility clients to deploy effective BPM solutions that:

  • Enable the continuous improvement of business and operational processes.
  • Deliver adaptive solutions to address ongoing business changes.
  • Extend the value and life of core systems.
  • Provide real-time visibility and control of Key Performance Indicators.
  • Integrate people, applications and information while monitoring overall business results.
  • Ensure that the processes that are documented are the processes that are executed.
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory demands, including the production of relevant evidence and reports.

Optimise maintenance processes, and ensure that people, processes, data and assets are managed in a way that maximises efficiency and serves the wider business objectives.

BPM for Retail Banks

Financial institutions are facing increasing demands on their back, mid and front-office processes, with a rising number of regulatory, risk management and efficiency requirements to be met. At the same time, the integration of new digital technologies is increasing the demand for automated banking processes that are able to integrate with existing core applications, with new customer-facing apps and technologies replacing traditional interaction channels.

CRITICAL Software’s Business Process Management (BPM) solutions support and digitise key retail bank processes, integrating them with existing core applications and day-to-day processes such as:

  • Account openings
  • Customer information management
  • Issuing bank cards and processing cheques
  • Money transfers
  • Credit approval workflows
  • Customer subscriptions to digital services

Our BPM solutions help retail banks to reduce their operational risks and make day-to-day banking processes more efficient and productive. Our BPM solutions provide a technical framework that brings together all retail banking processes and merges them into a single, intuitive, fully-integrated software tool that securely connects digital channels and front and back-end operations.

Our BPM technologies are a key enabler of ‘process dematerialisation’, allowing banks to avoid manually managing processes across multiple systems, resulting in inconsistent data, errors and slower customer response times. Our BPM solutions provide a uniform set of configurable, consistent workflow structures that reduce human mistakes, eliminate duplicate inputs, increase process transparency and improve turnaround times.

Our BPM solutions also digitise document archiving and integrate such documents with transactions, which means that documents are able to be centralised within a single system, making tasks like searching for information and documents much easier. Throughout all business processes, users are guided according to pre-defined processes too. Our BPM solutions also deliver features that improve banking security, helping in areas like fraud prevention and putting in place digital authorisation and access rules across secure and traceable banking processes.

All of this simplifies and speeds up branch-office operations, providing a unified front-end, as well as reducing the number of deployed systems, reducing the gaps between systems, increasing process control and visibility and allowing the monitoring of ‘quality of service’ indicators. An integrated 360º view of customer information and metrics also provides a dynamic, birds-eye view displaying key measures of success in easy-to-read dashboards and reports.

Our BPM solutions are tailored to client requirements, integrating with existing data, tools and systems to ensure quick adoption. Having delivered a number of large-scale solutions for banking clients, we are proud to have been nominated for a prestigious IBM Beacon award for our implementation of BPM systems. We are also an established partner of multi-award winner BPMOnline, and our own BPM Centre of Excellence hosts certified professionals with many years of experience implementing large-scale BPM processes across several industries – including for both retail and corporate banking sectors.

BPM for Telecom

Ensuring a robust revenue stream requires telecom operators to streamline their operational processes, optimising their existing OSS and BSS systems while reducing costs, increasing productivity and improving customer services.

Using automated processes that are able to more accurately capture and fulfil customer orders allows telecom operators to prevent lost revenue streams by executing process tasks in a more timely and orderly fashion. These automated processes are able to reduce traditional bottlenecks that telecom companies face when delivering their services, typically caused by slow and inefficient manual processes.

Business Process Management (BPM) technologies support end-to-end service and resource fulfillment in a timely and cost-effective manner, fully integrating order management, provisioning and activation processes.

BPM technologies allow these processes to be fully tracked and automated across the full lifecycle: from the initial capture of order requirements through to bill activation. The benefits to telecom companies include:

  • A reduction in operational costs and improvements to the overall customer experience, even in the context of highly complex services.
  • More efficient operations through better process, system and data integration.
  • Complete visibility of processes across the entire order fulfilment system.
  • The elimination of human error.
  • Plan and track distributed work at the field-service level during the provisioning phase.
  • An automated activation process that is reliable, fast and free from human errors.

BPM technologies can also help service providers to take new, innovative products and services to market faster, quickly growing income streams by integrating the entire quote-to-cash process.

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