In today’s world, around 61% of embedded systems are being designed with the expectation that they will connect to the internet. While this offers an array of benefits, it also means that maintaining security is increasingly becoming a real problem.

The security barriers needed to make sure systems stay safe are now much more complex than before, creating a significant challenge for engineering teams. In fact, a large number of developers of safety-critical systems (38%) are neglecting to follow any relevant safety standards.

To counter this trend, CRITICAL Software has developed a three-stage approach that covers the entire spectrum of embedded cyber security activities, ensuring security policies are enforced across a company.

  1. Corporate Information Security Management System
  2. Secure Development Process Definition
  3. Secure Embedded System Implementation
Focusing on the most important aspects of a secure development lifecycle, our three-stage approach provides:
  • Complete coverage of all embedded cyber security needs
  • The flexibility needed to target even the most vulnerable areas
  • Assurance of compliance with the most demanding international security guidelines

Whether upgrading legacy software systems to comply with new security requirements or building software applications from scratch, our approach ensures that the foundations for the development of secure embedded systems are set.

Our experts have garnered vast experience, having worked on several million lines of code and are proven in the timely delivery of systems that comply with all application-specific and certification requirements. From airborne systems to spacecraft to railway signalling systems, our embedded software services are backed by a delivery unit that is rated at Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)® Level 5, the highest obtainable level, and a roster of quality certifications that include ISO 9001:2015, NATO AQAP 2210 and 2110, AS 9100 and Cyber Essentials.

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