The Internet of Things (IoT) is a broad term that describes the interconnection of physical objects through software, sensors and electronic networks. IoT technologies allow us to connect, exchange, manage and analyse data and information from a much broader group of ‘things’ than ever before.

With the opportunities opened up by IoT technologies come new challenges, especially where connected objects are critical to businesses or indeed safety and security on a personal, local, national or international level.

CRITICAL Software works across the IoT domain, with a particular focus on the safety-critical elements of IoT implementation programmes. We utilise our skills in embedded software development, our knowledge of regulations and protocols, and our experience with sensors, devices and real-time systems to help clients deliver failsafe IoT systems across a range of industries.

We have successfully delivered critical IoT-related systems and services in the following areas:

  • Aircraft health and safety usage monitoring through open and agile management of data derived from sensors
  • Real-time information monitoring and control of power generation in the energy sector
  • Management of data derived from smart meters, as well as the provision of protocol development, implementation and testing services
  • Integrated vehicle health management for the rail sector, using sensor data analysis and predictive fault diagnosis
  • Localised energy management systems for improved consumption efficiency

  • IoT-Related Services for Aerospace

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is significantly changing the aerospace sector, impacting many parts of the aerospace systems network. Sensors on aircraft create huge amounts of data each time they fly, passenger management systems control huge amounts of complex personal data and air traffic control systems constantly monitor and manage our busy skies, sharing data on a global scale.

    The protection of staff, passengers, data and resources is hugely important to the industry and CRITICAL Software has a long track record working with many of the leading aerospace and avionics companies, in both the civil and the military sectors. We specialise in the design, development, testing, certification and implementation of safety-critical applications. Our experience in the analysis and management of data from sensors and our rigorous application of standards such as RTCA/EUROCAE DO-178C helps us ensure that the software we implement and test works safely within IoT-related and Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) specifications and requirements.

    IoT-Related Services for Automotive

    The automotive sector already uses a wide variety of IoT-related systems, with advances in the industry driven by a highly-competitive marketplace and significant consumer demand for new innovative features. For example, already smart phones offer various vehicle control functions, with many domestic cars now providing real-time location alerts and traffic information.

    There’s still much further for the industry to travel though. Sensors in vehicles can provide even more data on things like tyre pressure, engine performance and environmental conditions, benefiting the driver, the manufacturer and, in some cases, the car insurer.

    CRITICAL Software believes that the success of these innovative features rests on increasingly integrated, safe, and robust embedded systems that will eventually lead to a fully autonomous driving experience.

    Our core capabilities in the automotive industry cover the development, verification and validation and functional safety assessment of embedded real-time systems according to ISO 26262. Capable of integrating with engineering teams of large tier 1s and OEMs, we focus on supporting customers by employing industry-leading engineering processes that ensure IoT-related technologies can be safely and valuably integrated into their ecosystems.

    IoT-Related Services for Defence and Security

    Advanced IT solutions are playing an ever-greater role in the day-to-day performance of security services and armed forces. The development of data analytics, networking, sensors and imaging technologies present a variety of opportunities and challenges to the defence and security sector. The evolution of IoT connectivity further blurs the lines between civil and military lines of data, networks and technology.

    Our experience in the creation of scalable system architectures and highly-resilient applications, combined with data management and analytics capabilities for the defence and security sector, makes CRITICAL Software a natural partner for customers with demanding mission-critical IoT requirements.

    We work with defence and security organisations in several countries, supporting the efficient implementation of integrated logistics support systems, condition monitoring infrastructures and mission planning applications.

    We co-operate closely with our defence and security clients to enable both private and governmental organisations to effectively and efficiently meet their safety, security and environmental protection requirements. Our systems support modern defence requirements such as tactical and operational integration, from high command to the theatre of operations, as well as the sharing of a common integrated control platform for all air, land and navel assets.

    IoT and Smart Technology Services for Energy and Utilities

    CRITICAL Software is active in the research, development and implementation of Smart Technologies, using Internet of Things (IoT) methods and principles to help bring about technological advances and operational benefits in the energy sector.

    We have worked for a number of years on projects covering smart cities, smart metering and smart grid programmes, looking at ways to improve network efficiency and usability. This work benefits from our considerable experience in designing safe and reliable software in other adjacent sectors; specifically our experience in embedded software development, software design and testing, protocol design and safety engineering.

    As an example of our work, CRITICAL Software has been working with DCC on the UK’s Smart Metering Implementation Programme. We have provided test and development services for the programme, including the provision of software which helps smart meter communication across the network, managing smart meter responses and ensuring critical service requests are from trusted sources. We have also supplied systems in areas such as power production, monitoring and control, and water pressure monitoring.

    Our smart meter testing solution, SMITEn, provides energy suppliers and smart meter device manufacturers with the validation and assurance that devices meet all necessary requirements needed to work on a given network. SMITEn provides a simple and flexible infrastructure with an integrated toolkit that supports all test scenarios, protocols and regulations.

    IoT-Related Services for Healthcare

    The emergence of systems and products that together form the Internet of Things (IoT) is bringing about fundamental changes in numerous industries.

    Connected medical devices and applications are already creating an Internet of Medical Things which is contributing to better health monitoring and preventive care. From improving patients’ experience through to connecting medical devices to physicians' smartphones, the IoT is transforming healthcare.

    Wearable devices and mobile medical applications that allow patients to capture their own biometric data supplement patient treatment through remote monitoring and communication (IoT in Remote Health Monitoring). The efficiency of healthcare facilities is also being enhanced by improved tracking of medical devices, personnel and patients (IoT in Indoor Location Tracking).

    Despite the obvious healthcare benefits of the IoT there are still some obstacles to its more widespread introduction. Perhaps the most obvious of these are the security-related vulnerabilities of private and sensitive health data, while some argue the dangers of overloading physicians with too much data, thereby distracting them from their primary mission.

    These challenges simply must be overcome, so that healthcare providers and their patients can reap the enormous benefits offered by this latest evolution of technology.

    CRITICAL Software offers IoT-related services for critical healthcare applications, utilising its expertise in IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) and HL7 (Health Level Seven International) interoperability standards for electronic health information.

    IoT-Related Services for Railway

    The railway industry is already redefining its use of IT and networking technologies to improve the management of rail networks. More widespread use of automation and sensor technologies, either on trains or tracks, offers the opportunity to provide real-time (RT) or near RT data on the condition of resources on the network, from tracks and signals to carriages and engines. This information can be used to predict when resources need repairing or replacing, so parts and engineering works are able to be planned for in advance. This reduces the amount of time that rail resources are ‘offline’, leading to higher asset values and a better, safer, more efficient services for passengers.

    CRITICAL Software has supported a number of rail manufacturers in the development, testing and certification of embedded systems according to CENELEC EN50126/8/9 standards, up to the highest Safety Integrity Level , SIL4. We have also provided condition-based maintenance solutions that complement embedded systems capabilities, essential for safe IoT connectivity and the enablement of more efficient train fleets.

    As rail network IT and network systems further integrate with smart technologies and the IoT revolution, CRITICAL Software is ideally placed to support the industry in safely implementing new technologies and service improvements.

    IoT-Related Services for Telecoms

    For more than a decade, CRITICAL Software has worked successfully with some of the most important global telecoms companies, such as Siemens, Ericsson and Vodafone.

    Many of these companies already understand the importance of IoT technologies. Through the development of our products and the integration of partner products, we deliver industry-leading solutions for telecoms clients, allowing them to benefit from greater operational efficiency and lifecycle extensions to their assets and technologies.

    Our experience of open technologies and standards, coupled with our rigorous software engineering processes and certified quality standards, make us the ideal partner to help implement IoT technologies in the telecoms sector.

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