Energy and utility companies face complex challenges, not least the huge pressures on tariffs and the need to reduce end-user costs while maintaining investment in increasingly environmentally-friendly yet profitable energy production processes.

CRITICAL Software helps tackle these challenges by designing products and systems that assist the management of power generation and supply, offering services and products that provide control, reliability and stability in a market that is often subject to rapid change.

We improve the asset management and operations efficiency of energy companies, reducing operating costs, increasing control over contract portfolios and limiting contractual risk. These solutions support better decision-making by factoring in real-time events and intelligent data analysis. Our expertise in the Verification and Validation of software also provides services that assure the safety, reliability and efficiency of complex energy platforms and assets.

BPM for Energy and Utilities

A digital revolution in the energy industry is gradually moving it towards a future where business models will be fully digitised.

BPM (Business Process Management) technologies can provide an important advantage for energy companies looking to benefit from this digital transformation, leveraging their existing applications and operational assets, and mobile technology support.

BPM solutions are able to provide the visual tools needed to quickly model automated cross-enterprise processes in a single, unified platform, identifying, analysing and improving existing business processes. BPM solutions are also able to improve an organisation’s ability to comply with regulatory standards, minimising the impact of human errors on critical processes, facilitating better collaboration and supporting the reduction of operational costs. When applied to maintenance processes and when combined with real-time monitoring and predictive analytics, BPM solutions are able to leverage data collected from equipment and processes to explore physical assets in a more efficient way, maximising the value of these assets across their lifecycles.

CRITICAL Software can help energy and utility clients to deploy effective BPM solutions that:

  • Enable the continuous improvement of business and operational processes.
  • Deliver adaptive solutions to address ongoing business changes.
  • Extend the value and life of core systems.
  • Provide real-time visibility and control of Key Performance Indicators.
  • Integrate people, applications and information while monitoring overall business results.
  • Ensure that the processes that are documented are the processes that are executed.
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory demands, including the production of relevant evidence and reports.
  • Optimise maintenance processes, and ensure that people, processes, data and assets are managed in a way that maximises efficiency and serves the wider business objectives.

Energy Management

For companies involved in the production and distribution of energy, the importance of accurate, real-time information on key asset performance and the ways in which they are operated and maintained cannot be overstated.

CRITICAL Software’s energy management solutions remove costly guesswork and improve the performance of energy assets, driving business efficiency and reducing costs by using the power of predictive analytics to provide up-to-the-minute information on real-world operational performance.

Designed for companies that manage both renewable and non-renewable energy sources, our systems are designed to work either as standalone solutions or as part of a fully-integrated ecosystem. Our systems are fully-scalable and provide real-time metrics of verified, useful information from a range of data sources that are then transformed into an easy-to-understand, single ‘point of truth.’

The goal of such a system is to maximise the availability of operational assets and allow better decisions to be made based on accurate information on both the technical side and the business front – allowing for timely, optimised interventions in operations and maintenance processes. This enables energy companies to more effectively manage their resources, operations and maintenance programmes, achieving greater energy yields from their existing infrastructure.

At the same time, our energy management solutions help to ensure that regulatory demands for systematic accountability and transparency are fully met, helping organisations to conform to IAM ISO 55000 standards.

Alerts, KPIs, reports, remote monitoring and intuitive dashboards complete a comprehensive package that also includes the ability to manage workflows and allocate tasks in a way that reduces manual processes and the problems they can introduce.

IoT and Smart Technology Services

CRITICAL Software is active in the research, development and implementation of Smart Technologies, using Internet of Things (IoT) methods and principles to help bring about technological advances and operational benefits in the energy sector.

We have worked for a number of years on projects covering smart cities, smart metering and smart grid programmes, looking at ways to improve network efficiency and usability. This work benefits from our considerable experience in designing safe and reliable software in other adjacent sectors; specifically our experience in embedded software development, software design and testing, protocol design and safety engineering.

As an example of our work, CRITICAL Software has been working with DCC on the UK’s Smart Metering Implementation Programme. We have provided test and development services for the programme, including the provision of software which helps smart meter communication across the network, managing smart meter responses and ensuring critical service requests are from trusted sources. We have also supplied systems in areas such as power production, monitoring and control, and water pressure monitoring.

Our smart meter testing solution, SMITEn, provides energy suppliers and smart meter device manufacturers with the validation and assurance that devices meet all necessary requirements needed to work on a given network. SMITEn provides a simple and flexible infrastructure with an integrated toolkit that supports all test scenarios, protocols and regulations.

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SMITEn Flyer
SMITEn Flyer

Smart Metering Integrated Test Environment

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Smart Metering Tools and Services Flyer
Smart Metering Tools and Services Flyer
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Smart Metering for the UK: DCC Case Study
Smart Metering for the UK: DCC Case Study
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Smart Metering for the UK: DCC Infographic
Smart Metering for the UK: DCC Infographic
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Safety Training for Energy and Utilities

CRITICAL So­ftware’s training course for engineers, operators, HSE advisors, risk management practitioners and other decision makers provides a detailed understanding of how to apply the principles of functional safety to the development and assessment of safety systems, based on the IEC 61508 standard.

Functional Safety Training

During the workshop, the main elements of the safety lifecycle are explained and its relationship to the development of safety systems discussed. The course also covers the assessment of safety systems to ensure they conform to functional requirements and risk reduction objectives. Attendees will develop the skills necessary to specify, implement and assess safety systems in a way that meets the requirements of IEC 61508. Key topics include RAMS tools, Failure Mode and Effect Analysis, Layer of Protection Analysis, Fault Tree Analysis and how to design documentation so that it effectively supports certification efforts.

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