Established in 1998, CRITICAL Software provides systems and software services for safety, mission and business-critical applications. We help to ensure our clients meet the most demanding quality standards for software safety, performance and reliability. Our data management solutions and services also provide clients with the information they need to manage their important assets and processes, helping them to achieve better business performance.

Over the course of its history, CRITICAL Software has pioneered solutions and technologies based on expert knowledge, creativity and innovation. We have worked on many successful projects that have made a real impact on people's lives and businesses.

Our ambition is to focus on internationalisation and continue on our path to a promising, global future. We are dedicated to the reliability and excellence that have become our hallmarks, and to maintaining our ambition of tackling the world's most demanding technological challenges.

CRITICAL Software has supported clients in several markets, including high-profile companies such as AgustaWestland (Leonardo), EADS, ESA, NASA, Thales Alenia Space, the Chinese and Japanese space agencies, Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom, PT, Portucel-Soporcel, Infineon, EDP, Enersis, CGD, BCI, BFA, Unimed, AES, BPI, SIBS, mCel, UNITEL and the Bank of New York.

We renewed our CMMI Level 5 certification in Portugal and extended this to our subsidiary in Brazil, followed by the renewal of the EN ISO 9001:2008 TickIT and the EN 9100 Revision C Quality certifications.

We were listed by Business Week as one of the Top 500 fastest growing companies in Europe.

We opened a subsidiary in Germany and launched a joint-venture, verticalla, with Sauter Controls.

CRITICAL Software was the main independent software tester for the European Space Agency’s EarthCARE space mission projects, which comprised the prevention and mitigation of forest fires, ocean monitoring and research on complex climate systems. We also took part in the development of a platform for the enlargement of the Schengen Area in the EU and were awarded the contract for remodelling the 112.pt emergency system.

We opened subsidiaries in Brazil and Mozambique and consolidated our presence in Angola with the establishment of a full-time business development team.

We launched our first spin-off company, CRITICAL Links, with the worldwide launch of the award-winning edgeBOX, followed by CRITICAL Materials, CRITICAL Health, CRITICAL Manufacturing and iTGrow (in coordination with BPI Bank).

We sustained our quality objectives, being one of the few companies in the world to achieve CMMI-SE/SW Level 5 certification.

CRITICAL Software was the first Iberian company to receive ISO 9001:2000 TickIT quality certification. Following this accomplishment, we achieved NATO/AQAP 2110 and AQAP 150 certification and were awarded CMMI-SE/SW Level 3.

We opened a subsidiary in the United Kingdom and new offices in Lisbon and Oporto (Portugal), moving our headquarters to a new and bigger building in Coimbra.

CRITICAL Software launched the first commercial deployment of csXception™ software and, later, opened its first subsidiary in San Jose, California, signing the first contract with the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab and the European Space Agency (ESA). ESA later used us as a case study for European SMEs working in the space sector.

We set up our first contracts with Angola and Mozambique Telecom. Consequently, our international business, in terms of annual turnover, became bigger than the original business in Portugal.

CRITICAL Software had its origins in the College of Science and Technology, at Coimbra University. The three founding partners met in 1996 when they were studying for PhDs in computer engineering.

A year later, they published technical articles in specialised magazines that discussed the vulnerability of Windows systems. These articles attracted the attention of computer and business operators, as critical software failures were a major concern in the industry.

Soon after, they received an email with a contract proposal from NASA, the American space agency, to test critical systems in one of their space laboratories.

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