Business Analytics

We live in a world where data is constantly produced, processed and consumed, and yet turning data into useful and useable information is a big challenge.

Simply gathering and reporting on data is no longer enough in order to fully understand business trends. Knowing how to turn it into something that is of real business value is the real challenge.

Our data and business analytics services help our clients to capture, investigate and understand their business’ past performance in order to gain new insights and drive improvements. Our solutions can be deployed directly on client premises, in the cloud or as a combination of the two, combining advanced data analytics techniques with intuitive dashboards and reporting features.

Our enterprise-level data processing, analytics and visualisation technologies make guesswork and estimation a thing of the past, allowing decision-makers to act with confidence anytime, anywhere. Future business behaviours are easily predicted, along with a clear understanding of how incidents can impact operations at any one time.

We help to:

  • Make sense of existing data by predicting patterns and behaviours that help our clients to address their specific business problems. This can only be achieved when our clients’ business challenges are properly understood.
  • Develop easy-to-understand visualisations, analysis models, simulations and scenarios that paint a clear picture of a client’s current business realities and future predicted outcomes. Other techniques and features that help decision-makers include big data clustering, KPI reports, scorecards and performance graphs.
  • Make predictive analytics useful by mining for undiscovered data patterns, establishing hidden relationships between existing sets of data, and analysing them to understand future business outcomes and impacts. We help our clients to select the right analytics model to address each business challenge, using statistical, data mining or text mining software, with the capacity to transform and select key variables.

From providing real-time analytics to processing high volumes of business data, we have successfully deployed customised systems using the most advanced technologies and modelling methods in some of the most demanding industries.

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