Automotive and Off-Road

Fire up the engine: Critical Software offers enhanced solutions for your automotive and off-road products and services. Software development for electronic control units, integration and testing with CI/CD environments, and software and system level safety analysis and assessment in accordance with ISO 26262 and ISO 25119 are just a few examples of how we’re prepared to get you moving.

Destination reached

Vehicle travel is transforming at a rapid pace, from improved inter-vehicle connectivity to autonomous driving. What’s more, with ever-more connected vehicles comes ever-greater cyber security threats.  


At Critical Software, we’re always ready to go the extra mile. Our hands-on approach allows us to dive into your project, to understand the nuts and bolts – essentially, to gain an in-depth comprehension of what makes you and your vehicle tick. Industry-leading expertise and experience converge perfectly when it comes to scoping and implementing your project. 


Possessing the necessary skills and experience, we understand that the tech side of things is just one cog in the machine. Developing next-generation high-integrity systems, accounting for safety and security, is at the heart of what we do. Our ability to offer full life cycle development conforming to international safety standards, from initial requirements to validation testing, will give you peace of mind that your project is in safe hands as we drive you towards your destination with innovation. 

High-Integrity Software and Systems
We specialise in certified embedded software development and mission-critical software engineering.
Cyber Security
Our IEC 62443 compliant cyber security assessment and vulnerability evaluations make sure your info is kept safely under lock and key.
Development, operations, and maintenance of highly integrated pipelines in Jenkins and Zuul for complex software solutions.
Safety-Critical Validation
Adhering to safety standards ISO 26262 and ISO 25119, providing hardware-in-the-loop software and system validation services.
Development and deployment of innovative UI and UX solutions for vehicles in both custom OS and Android OS.
Systems Integration
Custom test solutions designed for software integration and system components with the test scope spanning from integration testing to high-level feature testing.
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Gabriela hails from Porto, with roots in both "analogue" and "digital" worlds. Her passion for technology led her to Bioengineering and further, to a Masters in Biomedical Engineering. At her institution, Gabriela recently completed her Masters and has been exploring a range of professional experiences. Notably, her time with the international group, BEST, honed her management and human resources skills. Outside academia, Gabriela is often immersed in cross-cultural exchanges, broadening her horizons and understanding of diverse thought processes.
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José is the Principal Engineer for the automotive market. He has extensive experience in developing, designing, and managing complex projects with safety-critical aspects across multiple domains. At Critical, José is currently responsible for the technical execution of automotive-related projects. When José isn't working, you can find him experimenting with new technology, fixing some old gadgets, or running.
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