Advanced IT solutions are playing an ever greater role in the day-to-day performance of security services and armed forces. Our experience in the creation of scalable architectures and resilient operations, combined with controlled functionality and access to data, makes CRITICAL Software a natural partner for clients with demanding requirements in this sector.

We have an extensive skills base that supports our participation in highly-demanding projects for air, land and naval defences. We work with defence ministries in several countries, supporting the efficient implementation of command and control systems, training and simulation systems, integrated logistics support systems and condition-monitoring infrastructures.

We provide full strategic, tactical and operational integration from high command to the theatre of operations and the sharing of a common operational picture for all air, land and naval units. Our systems cover headquarter management, right through to battlefield management, including dismounted soldier systems.

We cooperate closely with professionals from the armed forces to enable both private and governmental organisations to effectively and efficiently meet their safety, security and environmental protection requirements. Our aim is to deliver fully-integrated, mission-specific applications with new and innovative capabilities, while accounting for and integrating existing standalone legacy systems.

Our systems support new defence contracting paradigms such as Contracting for Availability (CfA), Performance-Based Logistics (PBL), Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM), end-to-end supply chain integration. Our expertise boosts the overall operational efficiency of defence organisations and improves fleet readiness and availability while significantly lowering the cost of asset ownership.

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BMS for Defence & Security

Advances in digital technologies have made ‘information superiority’ a vital part of military planning and operations.

CRITICAL Software’s Battlefield Management System (BMS) supports the process of digitisation for battalion and below echelons, providing commanders and military organisations with a common view of the battlefield, improved situational awareness and the ability to conduct continuous operations.

The system allows military organisations to observe, decide and act more precisely, reacting to dynamic forces on the battlefield and building in adaptive plans for all situations. It also allows military organisations to integrate planning across all levels of command, ensuring seamless, bi-directional message exchanges between all battlefield units – as well as supporting horizontal and vertical communication channels that allow information to be shared easily.

The system conforms to important NATO STANAG standards too, including:

  • STANAG 7149 (APP-11) – Message Catalogue
  • STANAG 2019 (APP-6) – Symbology
  • STANAG 5527 (FFTS) – Gateway Vertical Interoperability
  • MIP ADEM, based on STANAG 5525 (JC3IEDM) – Gateway Vertical Interoperability
  • STANAG 5066 (WTRP MAC) – HF/VHF Medium Access Control

A common operational picture is presented in 3D, with features such as terrain analysis, environmental calculations, LOS, geo-fencing and more.

The system is able to be built on top of existing military infrastructure and systems and includes support for vehicle integration too – whilst it easily integrates with different HF/VHF transmission equipment.

The system is also able to enhance debriefing and post-mission analysis, with report-generation and playback features supporting ‘lessons learned’ analysis.

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BMS Flyer

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Embedded Software Development for Defence and Security

CRITICAL Software works with leading defence organisations across the globe, specialising in software architecture, system testing and the development and certification of embedded safety-critical applications to the most rigorous standards, such as Defence Standard 00-56, MIL-STD-499 and DO-178C.

Our high-integrity embedded software solutions have a particular focus on real-time safety and dependability, ensuring the reliability, availability, maintainability and safety of mission-critical systems.

We also provide support throughout the operational and logistical cycles for a range of military platforms. From mission planning to maintenance management, our suite of services and applications improves operational availability and reduces the total cost of ownership for armed forces across the world.

Integrated Electronic Systems for Defence and Security

With a track record of working with some of the most demanding military organisations across the globe, CRITICAL Software is recognised as a leading developer of C4ISR systems in the military sector. Working in close cooperation with armed forces professionals, our engineers are able to marry their software and systems expertise with a real-world understanding of military operational problems to provide efficient and cost-effective C4ISR solutions.

Our Integrated Electronic Systems expertise allows us to support our clients in providing a complete solution, from identifying operational needs and providing system definition and construction, to delivering full lifecycle support and providing the necessary availability, maintainability and operational support required by military personnel and systems.

Our work has ranged from developing innovative systems from scratch right through to upgrading and replacing outdated legacy systems, and our background and security clearances in defence & security means we are ideally placed to support military forces in delivering superior information systems and operational readiness.

IoT-Related Services for Defence and Security

Advanced IT solutions are playing an ever-greater role in the day-to-day performance of security services and armed forces. The development of data analytics, networking, sensors and imaging technologies present a variety of opportunities and challenges to the defence and security sector. The evolution of IoT connectivity further blurs the lines between civil and military lines of data, networks and technology.

Our experience in the creation of scalable system architectures and highly-resilient applications, combined with data management and analytics capabilities for the defence and security sector, makes CRITICAL Software a natural partner for customers with demanding mission-critical IoT requirements.

We work with defence and security organisations in several countries, supporting the efficient implementation of integrated logistics support systems, condition monitoring infrastructures and mission planning applications.

We co-operate closely with our defence and security clients to enable both private and governmental organisations to effectively and efficiently meet their safety, security and environmental protection requirements. Our systems support modern defence requirements such as tactical and operational integration, from high command to the theatre of operations, as well as the sharing of a common integrated control platform for all air, land and navel assets.

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