Defence & Homeland Security

Peacekeeping relies on up-to-date information in order for goals to be reached. This is no mean feat and relies on a vast system of data, technology, and impeccable coordination to make sure things go without a hitch.
Defence helicopter mission

Protected, Secure, Safe. 

Whether it be peacekeeping, providing essential support to search & rescue operations, or boosting operations and lowering costs — Critical has got you covered. 

Working alongside defence and security experts gives us not only unprecedented access to tackle sensitive issues head on, but the experience to look ahead and anticipate your requirements. 

Providing government agencies and ministries with fail-safe solutions demands a level of precision and expertise that only comes through years of experience and evolving alongside the industry. Our in-depth approach ensures we are guiding the industry in the right direction and growing to take on potential challenges as they appear. 

Software and product development
Software & Product Development
Supporting companies through developing solutions, including model-based software engineering, user interfaces, backend services, and embedded development.
safety assessments and cyber security
Safety Assessments & Cyber Security
Harnessing a comprehensive approach, we are able to implement successful gap analysis and system protection through safety and security assessments, along with penetration testing for enhanced results.
Verification and validation
Verification & Validation
Delivering peace of mind through product and service validation, providing independent V&V software, plus test automation to iron out any last-minute alterations.
Systems migration
Systems Migration
Launching test strategies, test automation implementation, and test reports, which ensure the smooth migration to new technologies and upgraded systems.
Reverse engineering and integration
Reverse Engineering and Integration
Applying effective solutions to facilitate the seamless integration of reverse engineering legacy systems while maintaining the ability to offer complex systems integration.
Maritime Security Operations
Oversee is a comprehensive GPS tracking platform that unites multiple features into a powerful and convenient-to-use solution.

Oversee is not a simple GPS tracking tool — its capabilities are vast. Tracking, reports, charts, information management, and a user profile are elements which make Oversee a valuable piece of software that all users can benefit from. The added bonus of app availability on both Android and Apple devices enhances flexibility, efficiency, and UX experience.

Oversee offers clients a one-stop shop comprising various safety and security solutions, such as data fusion, risk anticipation, and machine-learning techniques — all with the aim of delivering fast situational responses, while providing cost-effective results. Oversee’s award-winning solutions support maritime security operations in the field of search and rescue, law enforcement, coastal surveillance, and NAVTEX. 

An example of its capabilities is the key role the system has played in the Irish Coast Guard’s rescue operations, directly increasing both rescue capacity and coordination efficiency in responding to incidents. 

Oversee GPS tracking tool
Command and Control
EyeCommand is a Command & Control (C4I) suite offering defence and homeland security experts a highly sophisticated technology, which is fully compliant with NATO-standards and offers users the added feature of mobility, being compatible across a host of systems and devices.

Decision-making has never been faster and more effective thanks to this cutting-edge Command and Control suite. The combination of three unique platforms not only gives military organisations the information to assess high-pressure situations, but the technology to implement defensive and tactical operations. 

EyeCommand’s flexibility and advanced systems means that the control suite can be adapted and tailored to specific needs for both military and non-military organisations. 

Critical Software has been able to support the Portuguese Military by building EyeCommand around their requirements. Such successful collaborations demonstrate Critical’s overarching approach to providing crucial systems taking into account individual needs and meeting them with state-of-the-art technology and defence solutions. 

Command and control suite
Gonçalo is Critical's Principal Engineer, a seasoned expert in the Defence and Security industry. With a mission to address market challenges, he ensures technical coordination, superior quality, and competitive solutions. His passion for innovation drives our team to deliver cutting-edge advancements that make a difference in the industry's landscape.
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