Systems Migration

Launching test strategies, test automation implementation, and test reports, which ensure the smooth migration to new technologies and upgraded systems.

In an increasingly connected world, it comes as no surprise that the defence and homeland security sectors are following suit to keep ahead of the curve. Systems migration and the successive testing stages are not a choice but a necessity to ensure the secure integration of systems and sensors and avoid the severe consequences of failures. 


Critical works alongside all three of the Portuguese armed forces, providing us with continual opportunities to implement our knowledge and deliver complex and competitive defence projects. 


Our systems integration expertise includes: 

  • Reverse engineering: we're well past the days of simply swapping the old for the new. Reverse engineering capabilities open up incredible opportunities for clients to upgrade their existing solutions, fixing and replacing the necessary components to provide them with a sound, economical solution.  
  • CPLD and FPGA: we specialise in developing and validating Complex Programmable Logic Devices and Field Programmable Gate Arrays to integrate non-compatible systems. 
  • Middleware: we harness message distribution services such as OMG DDS, Enterprise Service Bus, JMS, or Apache Kafka, among others, to implement middleware integration to connect segregated systems. 

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