Governments are under continuing pressure to reduce expenditure, increase operational efficiency, consolidate IT infrastructures and improve security solutions.

Although the adoption of e-government services is still at a relatively early stage, there are more and more cases where these kinds of services are being rolled out globally. Enablers such as education, growth, law enforcement and transparency requirements have paved the way for large investments, with the help of international donors and bodies such as the World Bank, the European Commission and the African Development Bank.

CRITICAL Software is particularly well positioned to offer global solutions to this market, having worked closely with governments all over the world on diverse projects related to justice, internal affairs, homeland security and education.

Our objective is to develop mission and business-critical systems that address high-level needs for security and resilience, and other sovereignty-related challenges.

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Security for Government

Security is an ever-present concern for governments. As technologies mature and become more complex, and interconnectivity increases, the risk of security breaches rises. Addressing security issues is no longer limited to infrastructure responses. Instead, security issues must be dealt with by embedded systems, as vulnerabilities at the level of applications are a major threat faced by organisations.

CRITICAL Software has worked as a security partner for governmental institutions, assessing core applications, processes and infrastructures. Working to industry standards and best practices such as ISO 27001, ISO 20000, OWASP, Business Continuity Management and enterprise architectures, we are able to assess the security issues of systems in real-world contexts and provide cutting-edge solutions. Our security services cover:

  • System security assessments
  • Security testing
  • Vulnerability impact analysis
  • Digital information security

Voter Registration and Elections

CRITICAL Software has extensive experience supporting public bodies with elections. We co-operate closely with electoral administrations, supporting them to create improved and innovative processes by providing systems that increase the security, reliability and speed of the electoral process.

We are experts in the development and deployment of comprehensive, reliable and secure voting systems, including voter registration, election configuration and set up, preliminary election results services and voter portals. We deliver high standards of accuracy and performance against key indicators such as rapid information processing, vote recording, vote counting and the reporting of results, ensuring efficiency, accuracy and consistency throughout the election process.

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