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The pressure on governments is growing. People expect them to lead with fairness, make good decisions and above all, listen. They’re also increasingly being asked to reduce spending, enhance the efficiency of their operations, consolidate national IT infrastructures and improve security solutions. That’s a considerable set of tasks!

At Critical, we know the stakes involved. We’ve worked with governments all over the world, creating diverse solutions covering justice, law enforcement, internal affairs, homeland security and education. We create systems that support government functions, making it easier for leaders to get on with leading.

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Defend the castle

against digital attack.

As technologies mature and interconnectivity increases, the risk of a breach increases. We assess security issues and provide cutting-edge solutions that keep the bad guys out.

A clear


In a crisis, every second counts and co-ordination is key. We built a system to support the new ‘112’ emergency number, so no matter where a call is made in Europe, they are all routed free of charge to the right people and help is organised as quickly as possible.

Here are just a few of the clients we work with

The Portuguese Government
The Portuguese Government
The Government of Mauritius
The Government of Mauritius
Mozambique Government
Mozambique Government

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