Cyber Security & Safety Assessments

Harnessing a comprehensive approach, we are able to implement successful gap analysis and system protection through safety and security assessments, along with penetration testing for enhanced results.

Sophisticated defence systems are by no means a walk in the park. The accuracy and speed at which our solutions operate depends on their ability to function flawlessly. In other words, the slightest error can lead to devastating consequences that could put the success of defence operations completely at risk. 


Of course, with such complex systems, a simple 'quick fix' will never suffice. Therefore, it is vital to correctly identify the issue at hand, taking into account software and security issues, human and procedural error, plus contextual and organisational aspects. 


Our comprehensive RAMS & safety support services for the defence sector includes: 

  • Project gap analysis: applying our expertise and IEC 61508 or MIL-STD-882 standards not only gives us the opportunity to analyse any remaining gaps and problems in safety integrity requirements, but it allows us to determine the best path forward, taking into account client and project-specific needs. 
  • Safety management & safety case preparation: keeping on top of functional safety management throughout the development lifecycle. This crucial stage includes the preparation of safety cases to iron out any potential issues and guarantee the smooth functioning of solutions.
  • Training on functional safety: understanding how to handle complex devices addressing the requirements of IEC 61508. Concentrating our efforts on project-specific needs against a background of global normative aspects enables the full and effective use of the functionalities available.

Technological advances mean that performing safety assessments and keeping cyber security at the fore is an undeniable necessity, that not only reduces costly errors, but ensures the successful use of peace-keeping technology. 

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