Verification & Validation

Delivering peace of mind through product and service validation, providing independent V&V software, plus test automation to iron out any last-minute alterations.

When the stakes are high, there's no room for error. 


Verification and validation (V&V) tests are an absolute necessity to identify errors and we're here to provide you with the solution. It takes little imagination to understand just how demanding defence and homeland security missions are, and the tech behind the scenes is just as complex. It comes as no surprise then that V&V activities account for 70% of the total development process effort. This is especially true when it comes to moving from hardware to software-based systems. 


Such detailed and high-tech solutions don't come cheap, yet our mission at Critical is to find you the best solution so that you can get on with your mission. 


Harnessing technologies such as automated testing and cutting-edge product development methodologies such as agile and DevOps, not only greatly accelerate time-to-market, but also reduce V&V costs. 


Our years in the market have given us the experience and over-arching expertise of the whole industry. In other words, once we understand your project, we'll be able to provide the solution that'll be an exact fit for your needs. 


We offer a comprehensive set of V&V services for the defence industry including: 

  • Test automation: white box testing, black box testing, security testing, performance and load testing. 
  • Closed-loop testing: software and hardware-in-the-loop integration and systems level testing. 
  • System integration testing: testing human-machine interfaces and machine to machine interfaces, defining test cases for different system functions and executing test procedures in either a test rack or a simulator. 

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