Case Study

Long-Term Engineering Support Programmes

It isn’t a secret that finding the right IT talent has become a challenge, especially in more demanding industries. A leading railway company approached us with the aim of improving the way they staffed projects and with the intention of eliminating some of the major issues they had faced previously, including the inability to scale teams, a lack of technical expertise, and even insufficient resources to start projects altogether.

Over the last five years, we have built a training academy programme which covers the technical and management skills our client needed in order to oversee and complete projects successfully and on-time. The academy has been tailored specifically to the client’s needs, optimised in terms of the pace at which projects should be completed and equipped with the necessary industry expertise.

Learn more about:

  • The training academy model developed by Critical Software
  • How we address clients’ needs in terms of space, scaling, technical skills, and industry knowledge
  • How the academy model continuously evolves to benefit our clients and cater to their individual needs
long term engineering support programmes case study