White Paper

Smart Meter Integrated Test Environment

The Smart Metering Implementation Programme (SMIP), put in place by the UK government, has successfully resulted in a new national network going live across the UK.

Meter manufacturers, energy suppliers, meter leasing companies and test houses/facilities would significantly benefit from a validation facility that could provide assurance that a specific meter will work successfully, end-to-end, across the new network.

Critical Software’s Smart Meter Integrated Test Environment – or SMITEn, for short – is a simple, flexible solution with a powerful integrated toolkit that supports a large set of test scenarios. SMITEn provides assurance to manufacturers, suppliers and financiers that smart metering equipment will work effectively.

Find out more about this complete solution in our free white paper:

  • Discover more about the SMIP and what it means for the UK
  • Explore SMITEn in detail and find out how our solution works
  • Learn about the bespoke packages available to suit your organisation

Our SMITEn solution and tailored service packages make it easier for organisations to prove that their equipment is compatible so that suppliers can buy smart devices with confidence and consumers can benefit more quickly from the capabilities provided by smart meters.

smart meter integrated test environment whitepaper