Case Study

Verifying Safety-Critical Medical Equipment

In the medical devices industry, safety is paramount. One small software fault could potentially cost lives. Verification and validation testing are therefore extremely important to mitigate this possibility.  

Critical Software was chosen to fill a V&V-sized gap for a leader in medical device technologies. The project demanded co-operation with the client to ensure that their requirements were met and that verification and validation certification could ultimately be achieved.  

Our work identified several improvements in the product’s software coding early on, reducing considerably the total cost of product development. This, coupled with the dynamism of the test procedures created, meant the product could be fully certified within a short timeframe, opening up the opportunity for a much quicker time-to-market. 

In this case study, discover: 

  • The cost and time benefits of test automation
  • Why verification and validation specialisms can mean outsourcing is sometimes necessary 
  • How a joint approach to managing projects can maximise efficiency
  • How partners can best adapt to clients’ specific requirements 
verifying safety critical medical equipment case study