Case Study

Alstom TrainScanner

A Railway Revolution: Improving Train Safety and Maintenance Procedures

Alstom’s TrainScanner offers rail engineers the ability to identify faulty components within trains automatically and at speed. Communicating this information in a user-friendly way will undoubtedly be key to its effectiveness.

Critical Software has built a modular software system capable of delivering real-time information to engineers via a web interface. Through reformulating data into insightful and user-friendly reports, the system can precisely inform engineers of actual and predicted train component faults and whereabouts. 

Alongside an open data interface allowing new data sources to be included when required, the TrainScanner revolutionises how current and future component faults within complex rolling stock structures are addressed and resolved.

Learn more about:

  • The value of usable data in informing decisions and promoting safety
  • Critical’s leveraging of its data management experience to improve TrainScanner’s functionality
  • The real-life impact of automation on increasing engineering efficiency 
alstom trainscanner case study