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61% of embedded systems are being designed with the expectation that they will connect to the internet.

Many of these devices interact with each other without human intervention or supervision. This poses a security and safety challenge: the protection of internet-connected systems and the things that rely on them, including people, hardware, software and information.

Despite the threats to connected embedded systems continuing to grow, nearly 40% of safety-critical systems developers admit to not following any relevant safety standards. With security barriers making system protection more complex than ever before, this is perhaps not as surprising as it sounds.


Expertise & experience

We offer cyber security expertise for embedded systems that ensures companies comprehensively meet industry standards for safety and security.

We have created a unique approach that merges safety-critical techniques with an understanding of embedded systems and cyber security to help customers in this complex area.

1. Corporate Information Security Management System

2. Secure Development Process Definition

3. Secure Embedded System Implementation

From the preparation of Information Security Management Systems to creating secure development process definitions for integrated electronic systems - we cover the full spectrum of services needed to flexibly target even the most vulnerable areas of embedded systems and assure compliance with the most demanding requirements.

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