CRITICAL Software works with leading aerospace and avionics companies, civil and military, specialising in software architecture, system testing and the development and certification of embedded safety-critical applications to the most rigorous standards, such as RTCA/EUROCAE DO-178C. With expertise in the deployment of software engineering flows driven by Model-Based Design (MBD) and the implementation of software conforming to ARINC 653 Integrated Modular Avionics architecture, we deliver highly-complex avionics systems on time, on budget and on specification.

We also provide support throughout the operational and logistic cycles for both fixed and rotor wing platforms. From mission planning to maintenance management, our suite of services and applications improves operational availability and reduces the total cost of ownership for fleets across the world.

With capabilities that span the complete system and software lifecycle, we are ideally placed to manage entire projects from start to finish, working closely with customers to understand their needs and deliver excellent results.

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Embedded Software Development for Aerospace

CRITICAL Software specialises in avionics software architecture, system testing and certification for the civil and military aerospace industries. We provide embedded software development services compliant with DO-178B/C up to Level A. We have extensive experience in the verification of aircraft software and have expanded to offer support across the full cycle of the software development process.

CRITICAL Software’s engineering team has executed multiple projects, mainly in the development of micro-controllers for onboard software according to DO-178B/C standards. With capabilities spanning the complete system and software lifecycle, we can manage entire projects from requirements elicitation to final user acceptance.

To offer the best possible integrated service to our customers, we have created a qualified system validation facility capable of performing automatic hardware/software integration testing and automatic system testing with hardware-in-the-loop. Furthermore, we operate a Quality Management System that complies with the most demanding standards, including AS9100. This offers our customers high levels of efficiency and flexibility and lower costs for verification, maintenance and regression test campaigns.

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Aerospace RAMS Flyer
Aerospace RAMS Flyer

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Integrated Electronic Systems for Aerospace

CRITICAL Software has long worked with some of the most important players in the aerospace industry. Whether in civil or military aerospace projects, our engineers have worked alongside client development teams providing integrated electronic systems development expertise, including for the development and validation of FPGA devices.

Our expertise includes system and requirements engineering, hardware and software development, system integration and the functional validation of integrated electronic systems for aircrafts.

Applying an ‘extended-enterprise’ working model, we are able to support clients in achieving on-time, on-budget and on-process projects, whilst simultaneously lending our expertise in applicable safety standards like ARP-4754, ARP-4761, DO-254 and DO-178.

IoT-Related Services for Aerospace

The Internet of Things (IoT) is significantly changing the aerospace sector, impacting many parts of the aerospace systems network. Sensors on aircraft create huge amounts of data each time they fly, passenger management systems control huge amounts of complex personal data and air traffic control systems constantly monitor and manage our busy skies, sharing data on a global scale.

The protection of staff, passengers, data and resources is hugely important to the industry and CRITICAL Software has a long track record working with many of the leading aerospace and avionics companies, in both the civil and the military sectors. We specialise in the design, development, testing, certification and implementation of safety-critical applications. Our experience in the analysis and management of data from sensors and our rigorous application of standards such as RTCA/EUROCAE DO-178C helps us ensure that the software we implement and test works safely within IoT-related and Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) specifications and requirements.

RAMS and Certification Support for Aerospace

The aerospace industry has stringent certification requirements like no other. These requirements form an extended ecosystem that spans across subsystems, equipment and software deployed on aircraft and critical CNS/ATM infrastructure. Understanding the full range of applicable certification requirements and their implications is a key factor in the success of aerospace projects. Equally important is how best to address these requirements in real-life projects - effectiveness in certification and efficiency in business are both key to success.

Through its highly-skilled engineering team and a world-class partnership network, CRITICAL Software supports its clients in delivering aerospace projects effectively, efficiently and in a stress-free way. Our RAMS & Certification Support services for aerospace include:

  • Project gap analysis: identification of gaps with respect to the certification baseline and determination of the best way to overcome them, given specific project and customer needs.
  • Certification baseline definition: identification of the full set of guidance and guidelines, normative provisions and relevant agency documentation, including TSO/ETSO, circulars, CAST papers, memoranda and other items that are applicable to a specific project.
  • Project planning & SOI/LOI support: definition of DO-178B/C and DO-254 plans, fully-tailored to specific needs to maximise project compliance and efficiency. This can also be combined to support SOI/LOI preparation.
  • RAMS analysis: reliability prediction of electronic equipment (MIL-HDBK217, RIAC 217 Plus), safety assessment of airborne embedded systems and CNS/ATM C&C infrastructure (ARP 4754, ARP 4761, IEC 61508).
  • Training covering the core industry standards for software and airborne electronic hardware: DO-178B, DO-178C, DO-278A and DO-254. Course content can be customised to address specific client needs.

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Automated testing suite that injects faults and monitors the activation of errors and their impact on the target system.

Aerospace RAMS Flyer
Aerospace RAMS Flyer

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NavCert Flyer
NavCert Flyer

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Safety Management
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Safety-Critical V&V for Aerospace

Commercial air travel is one of the safest means of transportation. Aircraft safety figures have been systematically improving since 1945, to the point where an individual’s odds of being a casualty in a lightning strike are higher than their chances of being a casualty in an aircraft accident. Such an impressive safety record for a system as complex as an aircraft could not be achieved without an equally impressive array of Verification & Validation (V&V) activities aimed at ensuring that everything performs as it should.

V&V activities in aerospace projects are governed by a strict and comprehensive ecosystem of industry standards that include DO-178B/C, DO-254, ARP-4754A, ARP-4761 and many others. The challenge for specific projects and the industry at large is to continue improving the safety record of increasingly complex systems and to do so in a business efficient way. To address this challenge, the industry must rely on organisations and individuals that embody a culture of safety and that are skilled at performing V&V activities thoroughly and efficiently. This becomes even more of a challenge as normative evolutions, like the introduction of DO-178C, place even further emphasis on V&V activities. Similar evolutions are to be expected of the industry as it adapts to DO-254A too, whenever it arises, and of other standards like ARP-4754B and ARP-4761A.

At CRITICAL Software, safety is our culture and our raison d'être. Aerospace V&V activities at CRITICAL Software are performed by a dedicated engineering team hardened through many DAL-A and DAL-B projects. The team is skilled at meeting tight time frames while thoroughly executing all V&V activities and delivering the respective formal evidence.

CRITICAL Software’s V&V services for aerospace include:

  • Software Requirements & Design Verification: including high-level requirements (HLR), low-level requirements (LLR), software design and algorithm accuracy. This covers, but is not limited to, DO-178B/C’s objectives in tables A-3 and A-4.
  • Source Code Verification: including exhaustive code scrutiny to assert correctness and traceability against LLRs, correctness and completeness of integration and of the 'parameter data item' file. This covers, but is not limited to, DO-178B/C’s objectives in table A-5.
  • Software Integration (SI) and HW/SW Integration (HIS) Testing: including module testing, software integration (SI) testing and HW/SW integration (HSI) testing. CRITICAL Software favours SI and HSI over module testing and makes use of its own Multi-Purpose System Validation Facility (MPSVF) to automate tests with hardware-in-the-loop. Whenever the MPSVF is used, CRITICAL Software also provides the respective tool qualification data for either DO-178B or DO-330. This covers, but is not limited to, DO-178B/C’s objectives in tables A6 and A-7. The MPSVF can be used to fulfil objectives beyond DO-178B/C’s scope.
  • ASIC/FPGA Verification & Testing: including verification of requirements, design documentation, HDL source code (Verilog, VHDL), and testing of the design on simulator. This covers DO-254/ED-80’s verification objectives as applicable to complex CPLD, FPGA and ASIC, including the provisions of EASA certification memorandum EASA-CM-SWCEH-001.

We offer our clients a unique 4-stage approach to accommodate their specific V&V requirements:

  • V&V Setup & Go: designed to support clients in setting up an effective V&V environment and to bring them up to speed with the use of key tools and resources.
  • V&V Analyser: designed to help clients understand the gaps that exist in their projects according to the relevant industry standards in their area.
  • V&V Accelerator: designed to provide a quick response team to help clients overcome project peaks and other challenging or unplanned V&V scenarios.
  • V&V Plus: designed as a bespoke, comprehensive service to provide clients with the full-spectrum of V&V activities.

Safety Training for Aerospace

CRITICAL Software uses senior practising avionics engineers and DERs to provide training in DO-178C, DO-254 and DO-278A. Its instructors have provided more training, for more years, than any other avionics training provider. They have an average of over twenty years' experience of avionics software and systems and have trained more than 6,000 engineers and managers.

Applied DO-178C: Avionics Certification

Designed for those with a basic understanding of DO-178B or other safety-critical standards, this course provides a detailed overview of the certification standard’s scope and objectives, including how to avoid the most common mistakes and risks, the latest certification techniques, tools and best practices, applying the standard in military and commercial contexts and much more. Find out more and register for the course.

Applied DO-254 & ED-80: Avionics Hardware Certification

This course provides an understanding of the relationship between DO-178C and the hardware certification standards DO-254 & ED-80. The course develops a full understanding of the standards’ scope and objectives, covering best practice and how to successfully conform to requirements and pass audits in the most cost and time-effective way. Find out more and register for the course.

DO-278A: CNS/ATM Ground-Based Systems

This course explores DO-278A’s relationship to DO-178C, and how to apply the standard to non-airborne CNS/ATM systems. Examining the principles that underpin the standard, the course develops a strong understanding of the safety, software and hardware requirements in order conform to requirements in the most cost-effective, low-risk way. Find out more and register for the course.

Applied DO-178C & DO-254: Combined Avionics Certification

This training course covers both of these important airborne software certification standards in a single, combined course, developing a full understanding of the standards’ objectives, and covering the best tools and practices needed to comply with their requirements in the most cost-effective way. Find out more and register for the course.

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