Bespoke Digital Commerce & Retail Solutions

Digital commerce demands unique, dynamic and personalised experiences. That’s what we do best. Our solutions deliver bespoke, scalable and optimisable systems which meet our clients’ business needs. Reinvent your digital commerce platform with a trusted partner.
digital commerce and retail solutions

Speed, people, passion… Critical has you covered.

Discover our digital commerce competencies, leveraging agile, scalable teams and solutions to deliver better bottom lines for retailers – from start-ups to established brands. 

user experience
User Experience
Integrate UxD into every stage of the design, build and implementation process, leveraging what your customers think, feel and do to create bespoke products and services.
quality and agility
Quality & Agility
Adopt reliable, agile and automated processes that protect you and your brand from damaging what matters most: customer satisfaction in your company.
data and ai
Data & AI
Make data-driven decisions with your very own data intensive software, producing trusted data, well-designed processes, analytics, rich visualisations, and AI-based solutions to complex problems and delivering expansive business growth.
Meet our technical experts to flesh out what you want to achieve and allow us to understand your project requirements inside-out.
systems and software engineering
Systems and Software Engineering
Set-up, scale & deliver projects in complex environments with experts proactively sharing knowledge, best practices and design patterns.
cyber security
Cyber Security
Protect your systems, devices and sensitive information by adopting security by design, cyber risk management and cyber security governance.
Brands that trust us
Ecommerce & Retail
Smart and simple customer-centric solutions
CX, Product and Design

All ecommerce and retail companies broadly have the same goals: attract more customers, convert more sales, increase customer satisfaction and retain more customers.

With Critical, you can deliver extraordinary experiences with solutions combining innovative approaches to customer experience with expertise in business processes management and software development. 

Take advantage of:

  • UX assessments – to evaluate usability and experiences.
  • Design Thinking – to understand and better define requirements.
  • Design Doing – to take Design Thinking to the next level, developing and implementing user experiences.

Our teams are also pioneers in augmented reality, semantic search, image recognition and personalisation – empowering ecommerce companies to deliver the best for their customers across all channels.

customer experience product and design
Business Modernisation and Optimisation

Slow, costly systems and processes impact sales, order fulfilment, buyer journeys and the overall customer experience. 

With modernised operations, platforms and delivery practices, you’ll increase not just profitability but also your agility, resilience and ability to compete with intelligent and effective systems and processes. 

Optimising your business means:

  • Modernising your digital commerce platforms and systems.
  • Improving performance.
  • Digitising and automating your processes.
  • Managing transformation journeys in an Agile way.

Depending on your needs, our approach can merge a diverse set of technologies like IoT, the Cloud, integrations, microservices, BPM, RPA, cyber security, data, AI and CI/CD with the strategic support needed to deploy things in a fully scalable way. What’s more, we can do this without affecting your current operations, keeping you on the move while evolving your ecommerce capabilities.

business modernisation and optimisation
Data and AI Solutions

We build data-intensive solutions and integrate and manage on-prem and data cloud systems, transforming structured and unstructured data into a trusted, democratised and effectively governed resource.


Using AI, our solutions leverage real-time and historical data to create customer narratives and business insights, unlocking potential from previously siloed datasets and delivering all the tools you need to increase revenues. 

Optimising your data means: 

  • Powerful data intensive applications.
  • Effective data engineering and integration.
  • Better data processing and analysis.

Our intelligent data approach combines in perfect balance architecture, engineering, quality assurance, cyber security, UX/UI, Data & ML OPS, and automated business and data analytics, allowing you to focus on what matters: the customer.

data and ai solutions
Cyber Security Protection

Online retailers are a prime target for cyber attackers. Bolster your defences by assessing your vulnerabilities and receiving advice on how to mitigate them. 

We analyse and assess your cyber security posture, detection and protection measures, and the security of your legacy systems. We then build solutions using security by design, performing static analysis and fully testing all security requirements. Protecting critical systems is in our blood, after all…

We ensure your company implements and stays compliant with security standards (e.g. ISO 27001) while innovating and modernising your security apparatus at every opportunity. 

Optimising your security means: 

  • Security consulting.
  • Security assessments.
  • Secure development.

More than that, our teams come with a range of experience in risk management, data governance, and cyber security legislation across different geographies, meaning you can rest in the knowledge that your digital commerce platforms are safe and sound. 

cyber security protection
Unicorns & Hypergrowth
Agile solutions for rapidly growing digital commerce companies
People-Focused Company Growth

Scaling teams in a traditional way means intensive hiring and/or company acquisition.

Neither is easy. Good hiring takes time, while the valuation of companies in the M&A market has reached unreasonable levels. 

Hypergrowth is more than your product or service. It’s about your people, your organisation and your future as a successful company. 

We partner with companies to deliver a rapid solution to hypergrowth: 

  • Rapid ramp-up of teams within your company once deployed.
  • Comprehensive team/people management support.
  • Cultural alignment between your teams and ours.
  • Strong enabling scalability model.
  • Full IP developed under the client’s guidance and ownership.
  • Structured approach to governance to drive execution.
  • Competitive commercial structure vs organic or acquisitions alternatives to scale operations at pace.
people focused company growth
Proactive Collaboration

"We can’t share a business mission with a partner.”

We’ve heard that before. In environments where systems are constantly evolving, documentation hardly keeps up, and organisations continually expand, many ecommerce companies feel they cannot share responsibility over a project with a partner. 


That’s where Critical comes in.

We build strong, resilient partnerships with our clients. Our mindset is the result of over 20 years of learning to tackle challenges head-on. Our working model is defined by proactive collaboration where we discover, propose and map approaches, secure a plan rapidly and execute it even faster, and ensure the knowledge is disseminated to all the relevant people within the business, minimising the chances of knowledge loss.

proactive collaboration
Hypergrowth Execution Support

Fast-growing companies possessing various systems and technologies don’t have time to waste. They need to act to stabilise their operations now. Without action they could end-up with areas exposed to increased stress that could easily become a vulnerability to the company’s success.  


We can assemble cross-functional teams and increase capacity by: 

  • Bringing innovation to tired, dated processes.
  • Introducing best practice to the way you manage your systems.
  • Defining metrics to monitor business value and adoption progress.
  • ‘Evangelising’ teams by sharing knowledge and materials.
  • Assigning specific segments of expertise to teams, ensuring no overlap.
  • Reducing risk/cost of finding solutions.
  • Reducing the cost of training new members by following industry standards and best practice.
hypergrowth execution support
Rui comes with a strong background in helping companies to manage their hypergrowth / transformation journeys. Working with UK, EU and US-based digital commerce companies to bring innovation to life via a keen focus on strategy and process, his knowledge and expertise will grow your company from acorn to unicorn and beyond. When he’s not making digital commerce platforms better, Rui enjoys surfing and spending time with his wife and daughter.
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Rui Gonçalves
With more than 25 years of experience under his belt, Paulo deals with IT products and scenarios in several areas, including ecommerce, helping companies define their operating processes, and devising the best approaches for each case. When he’s not transforming the ways companies work, Paulo enjoys leisure trips, walking his dogs with his family, and simply doing a bit of DIY around the house.
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Paulo Ferro