Ensuring a robust revenue stream requires telecom operators to streamline their operational processes.

And optimising their existing OSS and BSS systems while reducing costs, increasing productivity and improving customer services.

Using automated processes that are able to more accurately capture and fulfil customer orders allows telecom operators to prevent lost revenue streams by executing process tasks in a more timely and orderly fashion. These automated processes are able to reduce traditional bottlenecks that telecom companies face when delivering their services, typically caused by slow and inefficient manual processes.

Business Process Management (BPM) technologies support end-to-end service and resource fulfilment in a timely and cost-effective manner, fully integrating order management, provisioning and activation processes.

BPM technologies allow these processes to be fully tracked and automated across the full lifecycle: from the initial capture of order requirements through to bill activation.

The benefits to telecom companies include:

  • A reduction in operational costs and improvements to the overall customer experience, even in the context of highly complex services.
  • More efficient operations through better process, system and data integration.
  • Complete visibility of processes across the entire order fulfilment system.
  • The elimination of human error.
  • Plan and track distributed work at the field-service level during the provisioning phase.
  • An automated activation process that is reliable, fast and free from human errors.

BPM technologies can also help service providers to take new, innovative products and services to market faster, quickly growing income streams by integrating the entire quote-to-cash process.

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